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Name:  Coral Brown

Hometown:  Bird Creek, Alaska

Current town: The Beach, Rhode Island

What it means to you to “be present”:  To Be Present is to Be Alive. Being Present is living an examined life, it is about diving in head first, it is the art of recognizing your Self and your purpose and then fulfilling that purpose with a firm sense of commitment, joy and the occasional haphazard leap into the abyss!

Favorite items from be present: In the winter I live in the French Terry resort pant—who doesn’t love pockets! and the Long Versatility pants—love the snaps. Summer is the Kona and the Island short. I love to mix and match the Micro Modal easy cami with the ribbed racer back bra. Currently, the new elite renew tank and crop pants have been rocking it on the mat!

Get to know Coral Brown...

Coral Brown has a master's degree in holistic counseling, which is an integrated body-mind-spirit approach to mental-health counseling. She draws on her extensive experience in yoga, philosophy, and holistic counseling to provide fertile, open space for the processes of healing and transformation. Coral is also a senior teacher of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow Energetic Vinyasa Yoga, the director of 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs, and the creator of Yoga Processing, a module used in teacher training programs. She leads retreats and workshops worldwide, and is honored to be a Bali Spirit Festival and Yoga Journal Conference presenter as well as a contributor for Yoga Journal magazine.


How she got into yoga:

It is my mom’s fault! In undergraduate school I majored in Philosophy, my concentration was in Ethics and Eastern philosophy. I was instantly drawn to the Hindu philosophy. My yogini mother told me that I should start doing yoga. I quipped ‘Mom, yoga is a fad’ to which she responded: ‘It is a 5000 year old fad that I suggest you try’. So I did.


Who or what inspires you?

My Mom, the Ocean and of course my Teacher, Mentor, and Sister Shiva Rea along with the global tribe of Prana Flow Yogis


Fun Facts:

My first home was on a 20 acre commune in Alaska that my parents and 4 friends started. We had the most beautiful life. No running water, electricity, or indoor plumbing. Our purpose was simple: We lived as a community working toward existing in harmony with nature and all her beauty and all her fierceness.

Traveling and teaching yoga provides me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and to join in their communities. I love arriving in a new places and sharing in the ritual flow of the collective. It brings me home to my roots.


Hobbies other than yoga:

Flying! I love traveling. When I was 7 years old I began flying by myself back and forth to Alaska to visit my Dad.  I wanted to be a ‘stewardess’ when I grew up. I worked for American Airlines for 8 years. Not as a stewardess but as a gate/ticket and ramp agent. I parked the planes—big orange headphones and glowsticks !