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Name: Gina Caputo

Hometown: Moraga, California

Current town: Boulder, Colorado

What it means to Gina to “be present”: “Being present is about being fearless. Because sometimes that means really, honestly looking at and working with your sh*t which usually turns out to be fantastic fertilizer. And other times it means anything from dipping your toe to cannonballing into ecstasy. There’s always the chance of losing control!”

Favorite items from be present: Kona Pants! Most versatile, fast-drying garment ever and absolutely clutch for nomadic road trips – I give the “No-Swamp-Butt” Seal Of Approval! Renew Drape Front Cardigan, because it’s equal parts Mr. Rogers and Stevie Nicks.


Get to know Gina Caputo…

How Gina got into yoga:

Yoga found her as part of a college course at UCSD. Later, while working in web development, being seated so many hours a day was taking a toll on her young body so she found yoga again. Exactly one savasana later, her whole life changed.


Teaching style:

Gina’s emphasis is on personal empowerment and transformation through asana by practicing yoga asanas as whole-body mudras, a paradigm shifting teaching she received from her teacher, Shiva Rea. While she swears she is capable of a sweet, mellow class too, she views her teaching strengths as being about creating a safe and playful space for new levels of courage and passionate living. A driving force is that her students begin to see the relationship between what they do on the mat and how they live their lives and perceive themselves.


About Living Nomadically:

“It’s always an adventure and you get to see so many things you miss by staying in one place and not taking the scenic route. It’s expansive and challenging and offers so many opportunities for developing compassion and a sense of connectedness with others. Sometimes you’re at an RV park full of retirees and their poodles. Sometimes you’re boondocking in the desert or on the side of the road and have to seriously ration your water. And sometimes you’re crashing at a friend’s and you get beautiful insight into their daily flow. The diversity of living nomadically can’t be beat!”


Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: In general it’s goat cheeses that stop me in my tracks. But right now my favorite food is the artichoke I just ate.

Theme Song: It’s a toss up – either Bjork’s Big Time Sensuality or Firestarter by The Prodigy

Vices: iTunes Store, prosecco, reusable grocery bags from Whole Foods

Favorite Book: How Yoga Works by Geshe Michael Roach & The Radiance Sutras  by Lorin Roche

Most Influential Book: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Things she never travels without: Stainless steel tongue scraper, lip balm, iPod, black Kona Pants