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Name: David Romanelli

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Current town: New York, New York

What it means to David to "be present": Embracing the things we love most but to embrace them as rituals. In the modern world, we lack rituals. To light a candle, to put on a good tune, to set the scene and then take a bite of something absolutely delicious, such as chocolate, is away of creating a moment amidst the madness.

Favorite items from be present: Organic Cotton be present Tee and Movement Pant


Get to know David Romanelli:

How David got into yoga:

After college while working for Shaquille O’Neal’s agent, he took his first yoga class and was hooked for life. After learning that be present founder Amy Lopatin Dobrin’s brother, Ian Lopatin, was opening a chain of yoga studios in Phoenix, David dropped what he was doing and joined the At One Yoga team in January 1999 and has been teaching ever since.


Dave's thoughts on Meditation

Meditation is a game changer. Having lived in a small apartment in NYC for years, I've learned carving out some space for yourself is essential. Meditation allows me to find my happy place (think dark chocolate on a Hawaiian beach!).  If you'd like to find your inner Hawaii, because a vibrant inner life is far more powerful than a busy outer one, click here for a free three-day retreat and check out more meditations at Meditate ON



About his book: Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment:

Ever since he first started teaching, David has put a lot of time and energy into themes for his classes. Collecting year’s worth of quotes, analogies and anecdotes in addition to his blogs and email newsletters, he decided to put a book together. He liked the idea of bringing his individual, ‘naughty’ humor into the self-help and yoga world.


By writing this book, he hopes it reminds people to slow down and enjoy life… to live in the moment. “I think life gets away from us in this day and age, we spend way too many days just surviving, treading water,” says Romanelli, “I think my book comes down to one quote by Robin Sharma, ‘Life is just a series of moments. If you miss the moments, you miss your life.’”

Order his book, Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment


How David developed his Yoga + Chocolate practice:

Combining two of his favorite things &ndash yoga and chocolate &ndash was inevitable. After his good friend, Katrina Markoff founded Vosqes Haut-Chocolat in 2003, infusing ingredients such as wasabi, curry and sea salt into high-end chocolate, David decided to infuse yoga with chocolate. Yoga + Chocolate has grown also into Yoga + Wine. David strives to share how everyday passions such as yoga, chocolate and wine can easily become accessible gateways to the present moment.


Fun Facts

Favorite Food: Hamburgers from Father's Office in Santa Monica, California

Favorite Vacation Spot: Kauai

Favorite Music: Grew up as a huge Grateful Dead fan but his current musical taste is broad, ranging from country and bluegrass to hip hop

Favorite Book: Yeah Dave'Guide to Livin' the Moment (obviously)