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be present is a Colorado-based yoga clothing company, founded in 2002.  The story began when founder Amy Lopatin Dobrin was inspired to create a line of clothing that was stylish and vibrant, and coming from an athletic tradition that included years of practicing yoga, she saw the need for yoga apparel that wicked, dried quickly, and most importantly, looked good. After spending years in the mountains of Colorado, Amy saw how advanced ski apparel had become with wicking fabrics, quick drying layers and breathable jackets. Although skiing and yoga are entirely different practices, she brought the technically advanced aspect of ski apparel to yoga. Introduced in the first public line, Breathe Weave™ is a wicking, breathable, versatile fabric that is exclusive to be present.

Amy first designed yoga pants for her brother, Ian Lopatin, founder of At One Yoga in Arizona. Ian loved the pants so much, he asked Amy to make enough to sell in his studios in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. During these initial creative stages of be present, Amy joined forces with her husband, Jon Dobrin. He had the skills and knowledge as a businessman to assist Amy in the fundamentals of running a business. Jon and Amy tested the initial designs in yoga and Pilates classes. Amy desired a pant that could be worn both in and out of the studio and tweaked her designs until she had a product that was ready for the active lifestyle of a yogi.

We are proud of the way the line has evolved and become a staple in the yoga industry.   The be present name has become globally recognized, but we are still a family-owned business that values the tight-knit relationships we’ve fostered with one another and within the yoga community.  Our values are driven by simply doing the right thing – treating others with respect and dignity – the way we hope to be treated.  All of our clothing is made proudly in the USA and we never intend to do otherwise. 

While be present clothing was made for yoga, it has become our wardrobe for life.  We’ve been privileged to see our styles travel the world and endure activities ranging from surfing to skydiving to hiking the Himalayas.  At the heart of it all, we are a group of people that love what we do and share in our love for the line each and every day.  We like to think of ourselves as a family of creative spirits who love yoga, love clothing and love to have a good time.  When we’re not at be present, many of us are skiing the hills of west of Denver and we bond over stories of knee deep powder runs on Monday.

The be present line is constantly growing, and Amy continues to develop products that we are excited to share. Amy's designs stand apart in the yoga industry. She has found a niche for clothing that was versatile enough for casual wear, but ready for the rigors of yoga. We’re excited to continue to push the frontier of innovative and original clothing – all the while staying true to our values.