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Name: Lisa Richards      

Hometown: New Castle, IN        

Current town: Littleton, CO

What it means to you to “be present”: SO MUCH!  Being Present to me, means being aware of what is most important in the moment. Saying YES to life as often as possible, and choosing to be aware to the serendipity and synchronicity all around us. Being Present means truly hearing my kids’ silly giggles, feeling the rhythmic flow of inhale and exhale, feeling the heat from rays of sunshine….

Favorite items from be present: Any of the Camis—I wear one at least 4 days a week, Mobility Pant, Ombre Hoodie.  I love it all…


Get to know Lisa…

Lisa Richards is a mother, wife, animal lover, food enthusiast , yogini, and believer in positive social change.  She has been teaching Vinyasa yoga classes since 2000 and is known for her free-spirited sense of humor and straight-forward approach to Yoga.  Over the years she has inspired many students and helped them demystify yoga so that it can be practically applied to their everyday lives.  Through teaching, Lisa encourages students to tap into their inner courage, have faith and to test their boundaries.  She believes Yoga is one of the greatest metaphors for life—challenging us to be active, present and engaged while staying relaxed in the flow of life.  She has produced 3 Yoga DVDs including one pre-natal, and is a featured teacher on Yogadownload.com. Lisa lives happily in Denver, Colorado with her husband, 2 kids and dog Elvis. 


How Lisa got into yoga: I vaguely remember my sister and I watching our mom do poses like shoulderstand and lotus back in the 70s (but I’m not even sure she called it yoga).  I started taking yoga classes in 1997 from a recommendation from a friend who was into Iyengar . I was hooked after my first class. 

Who/what inspires you? A lot-- My husband, my children and my family.  I’m inspired everyday to be the best “me” for them and smother them with love. 

Mother Nature-- I love seeing a dandelion bust out of a broken piece of sidewalk—got to give mama earth serious props for the will!

My Students!!  Every time I step into class with them, I’m grateful as I’ve learned so much from them all


Additional Info…

Hobbies other than yoga: cooking, baking, hanging with my kids and being silly, dancing like a maniac in my living room and any kind of art work where I feel and free to get messy.

Favorite Food:  Cheese.  Cheese. Cheese. 

Favorite Vacation Spot: so many great places in the world….hmmm….Tanzania. 

Favorite Music: anything with a reggae beat—if you can’t move to a steel drum—there’s a serious blockage somewhere!

Favorite Book: 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Find Lisa at:  www.lisarichardsyoga.com, Facebook, “Embracing the Goddess” on Facebook, www.yogadownload.com or www.modusmindbody.com (for DVD products)



Tuesdays—Be Present—best gig in the business :)

Wednesdays 4:30and 6:15 Bliss Yoga and Wellness (Littleton, CO)

Saturdays 10:15 Bliss Yoga and Wellness (Littleton, CO)