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Breathe Weave® is be present's proprietary woven fabric. Our staple and signature styles are made with this lightweight, 62% cotton, 34% nylon, 4% spandex blend. It is best known for its quick-drying properties, incredibly lightweight feel and moderate amount of stretch.

Tencel is an extremely soft environmentally friendly and biodegradable fabric. This cellulose-based knit fabric is produced from sustainably produced wood pulp. It is moisture wicking and quick drying making it a great option for yoga or casual wear.  Our Tree Tee collection is made from 95% Tencel® and 5% spandex.

Modal is another very soft, environmentally friendly fabric. Like Tencel, it is also produced from wood pulp, specifically beech wood. Trees are grown sustainably, and then the wood is spun into fibers. It is a lightweight, quickly drying fabric that is great for casual wear or yoga practice. We offer various Modal® blends throughout our collection of women's tops.

Our Renew Elite collection is made from 88% recycled polyester (rPET) and 12% spandex. It is a stretchy and supportive fabric that is very soft to the touch and holds up very well for rigorous yoga practices.

Our French Terry collection is a blend of 69% organic cotton, 27% polyester and 4% Lycra. This knit fabric is brushed with a coconut quick-dry finish, spun from coconut charcoal which is derived from the shell of the plant.

This pre-shrunk fabric is combed for softness and grown free of harsh agricultural chemicals.

Known by its full name as recycled polyethylene terephthalate, our rPET is blended with organic cotton, resulting in a soft, comfortable knit.  rPET is developed from recycled plastic bottles and each full size tee diverts anywhere from 3 to 5 plastic bottles from landfills. Our garments are pre-shrunk and lightweight making them great for casual wear.