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"These are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned. They wash and wear beautifully and are indestructible. I have 6 pair that are 8 years old and still look and feel brand new. They are definitely worth the money. Thank you for making a great product made in the USA."

— Janet, Saylorsburg, PA


"I love my Be Present pants!! I wear them everywear. I live on a sailboat and we are anchored out in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas for 6 months. My Be Present pants have gotten a lot of attention and all the cruisers want to know where I got them. They are comfortable for cruising and for doing yoga on the beach. One of the other things that I really like is that they are quick drying. So when we are out in the dinghy and get salt water spray my pants dry really fast. Thank you so much for such a great product! Namaste "

— Linda, Davison, MI

"I have had the kona pants for almost 2 years now and I can't express enough how perfect these are! Not only are they excellent for yoga and my afro-brazilian dance class, but they are the ultimate travel pant due both to comfort and the quick-dry fabric. They are awesome for the tropics for those reasons. And, the flattering cut certainly doesn't hurt. Please keep these going! Thanks for your great products."

— Polly, Santa Barbara, CA

"I have had two orders from Be Present and they both arrived in great time. Their cut and sizing is just perfect for me. I use them for yoga, sport and work. I cannot praise Be Present enough, for a magnificent product line. As I am self employed I can wear what I enjoy, as can my staff, and I have taken a photo of me doing this, wearing one of your pants. Once again thanks for a great product and great customer service."

— Annie, Anjian Australia

"Hello, be present! I love not only your clothes and your vibe but I just LOVE how wearing your clothes make me feel. I am a full-time Mommy of a two-and-a-half year old and yoga instructor living in Bangko. Be Present togs let me move, breathe and be flexible in body and spirit - I can wear them to drop Kim at his preschool, in this busy, well-dressed city's restaurants or teaching at the front of the studio feeling both presentable and stylish. And even in Bangkok's steamy, sticky heat, I stay cool and (relatively!) dry which is a near-miracle. A friend from DC recently came over with this new batch of Be Present threads and I took them along on our travels to Angkor Wat and I was able to be Mommy and Yogini at one of the most awe-inspiring spots on earth - and I must say your color combos looked perfectly matched to the gorgeous colors of the moss-covered Cambodian ruins. And I was able to run after my son AND clamber up the 1000s year old decaying steps of the temples with equal aplomb! Thank you for helping me express my style and spirit on and off the mat,"

— Joung-ah, Bangkok, Thailand

"I own a pair of black practice long men's pants. Last year on a visit to NYC out of a whole suitcase of clothing, those pants were the only ones I wore the whole week. They were comfortable, simple and fashionable enough for any activity in the city. I just bought another pair. Keep up the good work!!!"

— Robert, Hilo, HI

"Wow! I just got my Mobility Pants in the mail and I have never been so excited to be wearing yoga pants. I really like them a lot and am surprised at how stretchy the fabric is. I've never been wed to any particular brand for gear, but I will be buying be present from now on. Thanks for your excellent product and keep up the good work!"

— Jessica, Carrboro, NC

"Namaste from South Korea! I love, love, love all your products and get so many compliments when I wear them. How great it is to throw on my be presents for a day of teaching English at a university and then head off to teach my yoga classes at a studio with a night out on the town for sushi afterwards. You are doing a wonderful job.  I really enjoy the web site and I'll be sending you some pics of my be presents in action soon."

— Jenna, South Korea

"I just wanted to thank you, for your wonderful products, great customer service, and the way you do business. I'm so happy with everything I order, and with the Be Present items I've purchased though Om Time, my local studio. The agility and mobility pants I've been wearing have made me addicted to the breatheweave fabric, it just wears so well, no matter what situation I'm in! I've just received my most recent order today, Monday, after ordering online Thursday night. I love the 2 new styles. The Kona is perfect for summer all-the-time wear, and the bamboo lounge pant has the most beautiful drape and feel. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish you many years of success!"

— Lumananda, Boulder, CO

"I have owned a pair of be present pants since 2003 and absolutely love them!! I can't wait to own another pair, they last forever and are so comfortable!! I just started teaching pilates and I know I'll be a customer for life!! Thank You!!"

— Heather, San Diego, CA

"I have been a diehard fan of be present pants for years. I wear them EVERYWHERE, and own different styles in different colors. They are stylish, comfortable and durable. Last year I got pregnant with my first child, and I was afraid that I would have to resort to terrible maternity clothes! Luckily for me, the breathe weave material, the cut of the pants, and the comfort factor have kept me in be present pants the entire time."

— Clare

"I just have to say how I love my agility pants!! It started out that I borrowed these pants from my cousin, and the moment I walked out the door I received compliments on them and love the way they looked and felt!! Since then, she has ordered me two pairs, and now I'm working on the mobility and bamboo intention pants as well. I have started a cult of these pants through friends, co workers, patients [I'm a physical therapist], and my cousin now gets them wholesale and sells them... she's a yoga instructor!!! All I can say is thanks for making such a stylish, comfortable, and versatile pant that really does go from class, to work, to out on the town!!"

— Alyssa, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I bought a pair of Lotus Agility pant at a pilates studio. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn."

— Sharon, Bridgewater, NH

"Ok, I love the the short mobility pant. I currently live in Thailand, and I wear them ALL THE TIME!!!!! Yoga is only one small use! I just spent three days in Laos, and I'm embarrassed to say I wore them all three days! They are below the knee so they are culturally sensitive, unlike shorts. Going out to a bar at night, I put a batik smock on over them and off I went. They are comfortable, amazing in the tropical heat, and super versatile---they never bunch up or bind...in yoga, climbing, running around town. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE PANTS!"

— Mary, Bellevue, WA

"Just wanted to send along a note that I live in and love my mobility pants! You've mastered clothing that moves, keeps cool/dry and is lightweight and flattering. They go everywhere -- from the studio, to about town, to back at ease at home. Thank you! Keep me on your list -- I'll be needing to stock up."

— Jen

"I took a pair of your agility pants with me on a recent trip to New Zealand. I never took them off. They were great to hike in, wear on the plane, and (to do) any yoga I could sneak in. Your customer service is excellent. I teach yoga in the states and can not wait to get more products and get the word out! Keep up the great work."

— Megan

"Be Present clothing is the best! I love the pants and have several pairs. They're versatile, practical, carefree, colorful, stylish (and) oh so comfortable, the absolute greatest!"

— Becky, Hermosa Beach, CA

"I love your product! After I stumbled on the yoga pants, I searched and searched for another way to purchase them, and finally saw an ad in Yoga Journal. I immediately called and asked to be put on the mailing list. I am a yoga teacher in NYC, and these are the absolute best! The moisture wicking feature, and the quick dry time are great. Plus, the slight stretch is perfect for not only my asana practice, but also jetting to and from class. I also recently bought the Buddha tank, and was pleasantly surprised (with) the thickness, in addition the super-cool graphic. Thanks for such a perfect product!"

— Jennifer, Astoria, NY

"I love you product. It is versatile and easy to wear anywhere. You can wear the pants doing yoga or pilates and go to dinner in them in the evening. The fabric was great in the unpredictable climate of Costa Rica."

— Susan, Stockton, CA

"I just bought a pair of your back slit pants (in a very exuberant pink shade), and I have to say, they are the comfiest and most stylish yoga/athletic pant out there. I recently lost 33 lbs and they were the only pair left and I thought I was being forced to buy a medium. I thought wrong, I totally fit! I love the look and feel and am very proud to strut in them all day, every week (with a wash thrown in between). I got asked so many times what brand they were.  Anyhow, please don't stop carrying that back-slit, flared pant style. It's beautiful and very flattering to the figure, especially for a shorter, curvy woman like myself. Thank you so much for making me feel great."

— Vera, Oakland, CA

"I swear, I've gone through all types of pants since I started doing yoga - even lightweight gym pants and none of them work or fit as well as yours. I hate lycra tights and like the looser fit of nylon, but everything was either too tight or too baggy or totally cheesy looking. Your pants are a perfect combo of lightweight stretch, with cool and slightly looser fitting fabric. I also love, love, love the slits - great mobility - the best."

— Kara, Switzerland

On the be present pant: "I could definitely live in them. I don't take them off on the weekends!"

— Jen Meister, Apparel Merchandise Manager
FrontRunners Corporate Headquarters

"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your wonderful yoga pants. My husband, daughter and I have never worn anything so comfortable."

— Mary, Cary, NC

"Hi, my name is lily and I truly love the pants that you create. I love the fact that I can wear them for yoga (summer and winter), as well as to spin. I am an instructor and have turned many to your product, including my non-yoga-doer mother."

— Lily, Menlo Park, CA


"I received my 'be present' yoga pants and do love them! Thank you! Awesome design and quality."

— Wendy, Canada


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