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Since be present began in 2002, we've done everything possible to ensure that our merchandise is manufactured entirely within the United States. To this day, the majority of our manufacturing is done within a twenty mile radius of our headquarters in Denver, Colorado.  Anything not manufactured in Colorado is done in California.  Less miles and less shipments mean less emissions.  It also means that jobs stay here.  We have no plans of ever changing that.

In addition to our commitment to local and domestic production, we use sustainable and organic fabrics and employ environmentally friendly practices wherever possible. Simple things like using our own water bottles, recycling at our office headquarters and utilizing post-consumer content packaging to ship are small ways we can move toward being a more sustainable company.  Perhaps the biggest effort we've made is to never poly bag any of our clothing (packaging garments individually in plastic bags or pouches).  When you open your shipment from be present, the only thing inside is clothing. 

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